Mette Johansson_KeyNote IWDAround 70% of your employees are not engaged at work. This means that two-thirds of us go to the office without any motivation to do so. For individuals, this can be a downward spiral of loss of energy, which in more and more cases leads to burnout. For corporations, this has a devastating impact on the bottom line.

What can leaders do? Instead of distant and “faceless” management, micromanaging, and focusing on “increasing shareholder value”, we can create True Leadership – developing leaders that we are inspired to follow, even on rainy days.

Mette lives and breathes authenticity. She has developed a seven-step process called “Unmask the Leader Within” that unlocks vast amounts of intrinsic energy in leaders, as well as their teams.

Based on the principles around Authentic Leadership, Mette asks leaders to face their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their values, and dare to live by these. She asks leaders to focus on truly inspiring others by supporting everyone in their quest to find their passions and follow a joint purpose. And she urges leaders to instil humanity into leadership by building trusted relationships based on respect.

Engage Mette to reveal the inspirational capacity in your leaders, unlock energy in their teams, and boost productivity to unprecedented levels. 

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Keynote Speaker’s Profile – Mette Johansson, MBA

Mette Johansson worked in leadership roles across Asia and Europe for multinational corporations for over 15 years before she founded MetaMind Training, a training consultancy, which provides learning programmes in leadership, people and communication skills. Learning programmes frequently include modules on Authentic Leadership, Executive Presence and Intercultural Intelligence. Clients include large MNCs such as Citibank, GSK and Ikea, as well as mid-sized and local companies.

For more than 20 years, Mette has studied leadership, influence, motivation and engagement in an intercultural setting. She’s currently launching a research study on how to increase engagement among Chinese employees, following her MBA thesis in 1996 on the same topic.

As a highly purpose-driven and authentic leader herself, Mette speaks internationally on how to become a purpose-driven and authentic leader: the leader who we follow not because of their position, wealth or title – but because we are inspired to follow them. She has delivered her signature KeyNote talk “Authentic Leadership – Unmask The Leader Within” at conferences, corporations and business schools alike.

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